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    There are few sounds more magical than a harp.
    Young and old alike are drawn to the lyrical strains of its music.

    Hi, my name is Khloella Brateng. I have been a Celtic harpist since 1988. I studied with Debbie Frioux at the Syvia Woods Harp Center in Los Angeles. I now make my home on the Oregon Coast where I play for weddings, gallery openings, receptions, and private parties.

    My repertoire is primarily traditional Irish music which lends itself well to the Celtic harp (see "What is the difference...?"). There are a few exceptions, including some classical pieces, pop tunes and Broadway songs.

    As you look through the site you will find information about things to consider when holding events outdoors, booking information, the difference between the harp I play and the concert harp, an opportunity to hear a sample of my playing, and a page of links and referrals related to wedding and event planning.

    I look forward to the opportunity to bring the magical sound of the Celtic harp to your next celebration!

    Celtic Harp for All Celebrations
    PO Box 483
    South Beach OR 97366
    (541) 270-8200
    Email: creative@khloella.com

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